Attention to families


In a globalized world, access to a second language is increasing, whether due to mobility or bicultural families.

Designing a plan when the family does not belong to a natural bilingual context helps make second language learning a success.

In the same way, designing a multilingual plan in situations of mobility and biculturalism requires the utmost professionalism.

The design of this plan will depend on each particular situation. For this, DyLes professionals will analyze each case and accompany you in the implementation of the chosen plan with the utmost professionalism and rigor.


Knowing when something is habitual and when we should take action on the matter makes a big difference.

At DyLeS we are specialists in listening to the concerns of families, advising them and accompanying them to ensure that their children’s development is taken care of at all times


Educational modality

Because not all of us learn the same. Because the same method is not good for all of us. And, above all, because the education of children is perhaps one of the most important decisions that a family faces.

Our team of professionals, with high knowledge in ordinary education, special education and different educational methods, will be able to advise you so that the decision taken is based on complete information.