An illusion is born

I have been working on this for a long time, which is communication, neurodevelopment, interrelation. In this wonderful profession that I chose when I was just 18 years old when I heard a speech therapist (that’s the name of the profession in Argentina, the country I come from) tell what she did in her day to day life.

I have gone through the clinical and school environment, I have learned from wonderful professionals, from wonderful families, from complex situations and from many other experiences that are not so good but have served to learn.

Today, with 17 years of profession and constant movement, with a suitcase loaded with very rich experiences and another suitcase to continue filling with more experiences and knowledge, I want to expand. Develop this professional project that consists of giving shape to what I have been doing for a long time: advising and accompanying families in the development of their children. With scientific rigor, with professionalism, with ethics.

And also open a new facet that is little known but just as important. Advise and train professionals in the educational field in neurodevelopment matters, with all the support that this implies so that integration is a fact and not mere words.

This constant illusion that my profession gives me, each family I accompany and each professional with whom to design strategies, is now embodied in this project. In DyLeS, which as its name implies, is Development and Language for Socialization.

The action begins!

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