Back to school!

Well, maybe what I present here is nothing original. At this time it is full of various articles about going back to school. There are even advertisements! But I didn’t want to stop posting this article as a reminder of some of the important things about “back to school.”

In the first place, I would like to mention that I still hear adults who, as a threat as if school were the worst nightmare, say to the kids “well, look, I’m leaving you at school” or “you’ll see when school starts” . What a mess they get into because on September 7 … THEY WILL LEAVE THEM AT SCHOOL! Regardless of whether the child behaves well or badly, whether he listens or not, whether he eats all the vegetables or not. I also listen to others who warn, not without complaint, “Ugh, take advantage because school is already starting and the fun is over” as if the school were the closest penitentiary center in which horrible ogres keep the children at line away from all hint of happiness. Well no gentlemen, not like this. Let’s encourage our little ones to go to school. Let’s encourage them to enjoy learning, knowledge. Let’s awaken curiosity and the desire to always want more. The pleasure of a job well done and the awareness that learning, although it requires effort, is wonderful.

Therefore, learning is not limited to the grade that will be given at the end of the term. That is to say, it is not limited to studying like a madman the days before the exam and spitting out all that information, freeing up mental space for the next content. Perhaps we should consider the importance of teaching our children that everything requires perseverance, analysis and reasoning. That experiencing knowledge is much easier than reading-repeating, reading-repeating … And for that, we return to the first important point: we must awaken the desire, curiosity, critical, scientific thinking.

Continuing, the game, although we downplay it, is the most wonderful means by which the human being learns. Many researchers dedicated themselves to studying the game, there are many scientific publications on cognitive development through the game. So it is important that our children have that space in which to create. Later I will talk about this in another article, but for now, what do you think if we take the time to share a creative activity or just a relaxed moment with our children. I know you are going to tell me that life today does not support taking time, that the day has the hours it has and blah blah blah. I am also a mother and a job (and no grandparents to draw near! – I should dedicate another article to grandparents). But do you really not have time to read a story before going to sleep? To hear how your child “reads” you a story in his own way? To all sit at the table at dinner and take a moment for dialogue and laughter? Or to go to the park on the weekend or do a puzzle together? Sure you can. I encourage you to learn to organize your day. You will see that it is not that complicated. We can help you if you need a push.

And finally, do not forget the self-esteem and self-concept of your children. They are NOT the endnote. They are NOT smarter or not because they are bad at math or physical education. They are NOT better or worse because they learn to read early or even confuse words or read slowly. It is so important to accompany and guide them in this process. It is so important to make them feel our support and trust.

So, let’s start on the 7th with enthusiasm, with the certainty that the discovery is magical, with the joy, fear and expectation of those who are going on an expedition.

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