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Courses and Workshops on Child Development

A personalized service oriented to those who are part of the integral development of our children.

The behavior of children in the classroom is a fundamental element in the understanding, design and elaboration of strategies for an integral development.

Educational strategies at home are the basis of any learning process.

That’s why establishing a process of detailed monitoring and observation, as well as coordinating actions between the different agents of development, is essential to achieve the expected results.

  • Intensive children’s workshops
  • Classroom observation
  • Parenting schools
  • Workshop for professionals
  • Inclusive playground program in schools
Cursos y talleres de desarrollo infantil

Detailed monitoring and observation process.

Intensive workshops

We work on children’s oral and/or written language development through play and stimulation, in an intensive way in a 100% playful environment.

Classroom observation

We go to the classrooms of your school in order to screen the motor, academic, linguistic and emotional development of the students, for an early detection of deviations or alterations in the typical development of the students.

Parenting Schools

Sessions with professionals from different areas, based on scientific and practical methods, on those topics that most concern teachers and parents.

Workshops for professionals

Knowing what information to take into account when designing adaptations, or what aspects are important when it comes to understanding why not all your students learn in the same way are some of the topics or aspects in which our professionals can help you. If we work together, optimizing the performance of our children is possible.

Inclusive playgrounds

We propose a project with a methodology that involves the entire educational community so that inclusion is total.

Summer Camp 2024

Learning is a matter of fun

We create an environment where children face challenges that stimulate their cognitive and emotional development.  

Through carefully designed activities, we improve children’s attention and concentration, strengthening their linguistic reasoning. Likewise, we enhance their reading and writing skills, providing them with the necessary tools for better academic performance.

Our program is based on principles of sensory integration, psychomotor skills, speech stimulation, language skills, emotional intelligence and more.

This program is designed for children ages 4-10 who wish to improve in areas such as attention, eating habits, language development, social relationships, autonomy and more.

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