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E-Motion: Emotional education program

We provide the necessary tools for children to identify, understand, express and regulate their emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

E-Motion is a program designed for educational centers focused on promoting a culture of integral wellbeing. 

We work on four basic skills: awareness, regulation, emotional autonomy and social competence, using active methodologies that place the student at the center of learning. Our program follows a sequential order that adapts to the age and individual needs of each student, accompanying them in their emotional development.  

Furthermore, we provide training to the teaching staff so that they can continue to implement the program over time and we offer a complete package that includes project planning, work material and classroom records.

Asesoría educativa

Teaching emotions from an early age is essential to cultivate fundamental skills such as:

● Self-awareness

We help children explore and understand their own emotions, strengths and areas for improvement, promoting self-awareness and self-confidence.

● Self-regulation

We teach techniques to manage emotions in a healthy way, providing tools to handle stress, anxiety and frustration in a constructive way.

● Emotional responsibility

We promote taking responsibility for their emotions, decisions and behaviors, teaching the importance of assuming the consequences of their actions.

● Recognition of strengths and weaknesses

We help children identify and value their unique abilities, while working on developing areas for improvement, strengthening their self-esteem and self-confidence.

● Coexistence and empathy

We promote understanding and empathy towards others, teaching effective communication skills, conflict resolution and teamwork.

● Search for well-being and personal development

We guide children on the road to emotional well-being and personal growth, encouraging healthy habits, self-acceptance and the search for happiness and success in their lives.


We are located in different schools around the Community of Madrid. Whatever your needs or situation, contact us. We are committed to help you.

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