Development and Language

We provide experience, professionalism, dedication and care. Because you can't put your children's development in the hands of just anyone

Mariana Lombardo, founder of DyLeS, has a degree in speech therapy from the National University of Rosario – Argentina.

Since 2003 she resides in Madrid, a city where she came to do a Master in language disorders, the greatest interest of her since the beginning of her career.

From the master’s degree, through a teacher, she began to treat children with language disorders. And she hasn’t slowed down since.

Her global vision of her person has led her to be interested in all disciplines related to the human being, from neurology to education, in disorders and in the prevention / improvement of development.

Throughout her professional career, she has formed and coordinated multidisciplinary teams made up of neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, teachers … both in the clinical and academic settings.

She has given training courses to professionals and parents and participated as a speaker at conferences and seminars.

Throughout her career, she has counseled numerous families. It is there that she realized the importance of accompanying them in the educational process of her children. This is how DyLeS was born.

We all learn differently. The challenge is to find the way

DyLeS was born with two clear purposes: on the one hand, to provide families with all the necessary advice to be able to monitor the development of their children; and on the other hand, accompany and advise educational centers that want to provide a quality education to all their students, without forgetting those who require certain adaptations.

After many years in the clinical and educational field, the common denominator is the lack of information or the biased information on development. Professionals rarely have the real opportunity to learn from each other. The intention of DyLeS is to provide a global vision that can address all areas necessary for a complete development.

Only in this way, the true search for the “HOW” is possible.