School Advice

Curricular adaptations

Adaptations are often necessary so that students with specific educational needs can access the information.

Guidance teams do not always have enough time to design, implement, and monitor these adaptations. At DyLeS we have a team of experts who will be able to design the adaptations according to each case and accompany the educational professionals on the application of the adaptations to make it a success.

Advice and training to the educational community

It is not always possible to know all the developmental alterations or how to design teaching plans or make sure that the students access all the information.

Nor are families aware of the processes necessary to achieve learning naturally and effectively.

From DyLeS, a team of professionals from the clinical and academic environment, will be able to train and accompany in a practical and specific way, the entire educational community (teaching team and families) to face the challenge of education with the best quality and walking together and in the same direction.

Assessments and therapies

We know that counseling teams cannot always meet all needs. And that not all centers have their own guidance team.

That is why we offer the possibility of having professionals from various areas who will come to the center to assess the needs and apply the most effective treatment in-situ jointly with the school’s teaching professionals to achieve effective results and with the greatest possible efficiency. .

* This service can be managed at the request of families or the educational center itself.

Emotional education and respect

Within the educational field, many times we forget an essential part that makes learning and that the process is much more beneficial for everyone: contributing to the development of emotionally strong individuals.

At DyLes we provide a professional who applies a work plan in the center with all educational agents: teachers, families and the students themselves.

Respect among all and towards all, makes us educate in tolerance, active listening and openness of thought.

Applying a specific program has repercussions on the entire educational environment and, therefore, on learning.